Hazardous Waste Facility

First Response owns and operates one of the most extensive ECA permits in Ontario. We are licensed to haul and dispose of most waste classes including Pathological, Explosive, and Radioactive. Let our highly trained and certified crew handle all your waste needs.

Asbestos Waste Disposal Solutions for Restoration Contractors

First Response has the permits and trucks to attend your site and remove the asbestos waste back to our Ministry of the Environment Approved Site. We offer a per bag rate or you can attend our site and dispose of it without the hassle of appointments at a distant landfill.

Trauma Crime Scene Waste Disposal

First Response is fully licensed to handle, haul and dispose of Pathological Waste. On a 24 hr. basis, we can attend your site and remove your waste under the correct documents and remove it to our licensed site. A complete paper trail of this regulated 312P waste is issued to you. No delays, no worries, complete compliance.