We are looking to fill a full-time position.
All applicants must be willing to work out-of-town.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Measure, cut, shape and join moldings, wood materials, drywall and plastic materials.
  • Fit and install windows, doors, stairs, moldings and hardware.
  • Build floor beams and subflooring.
  • Build walls and install partitions.
  • Install suspended ceilings.
  • Build and install framing for dropped ceilings, counters, indirect lighting and display cases.
  • Erect prefabricated roof trusses, braces and sheathing.
  • Build in place pitched roof systems.
  • Build roof trusses.
  • Build built in place flat roofs.
  • Install flashing.
  • Install interior doors / exterior doors including hardware.
  • Install floor tiles or rolled flooring.
  • Install drywall and vapour barrier / insulation.
  • Tape drywall.
  • Build porches and verandas.
  • Build decks and fences.
  • Build and install flat forms, scaffolding, ramps and ladders.

All applicants that can provide proof of skilled experience in soffit / fascia / windows / capping and other exterior metal related work will be shortlisted for an interview.

***All local DZ applicants will be shortlisted for interview.***

Qualifications Required:

Minimum (5) years work experience.
Must be bondable and pass a criminal record check.
Must have a valid Class G driver’s license.
Valid Police Check.
Strong work ethic. (References)
Physically fit.

Submit your resume to [email protected]

Environmental Responder 

Job description

First Response Environmental is a recognized industry leader in emergency response services pertaining to Hazardous Materials, CRBNE, Confined Space Rescue, and Environmental Remediation. Our company is in the position of seeking new talent to grow our expanding operation. Our ideal candidates are those who are team-oriented with flexibility and availability in their schedules with the execution of 24/7 hazmat response.

We are looking to fill the following positions:

Confined Space Rescue Operators
Hazardous Materials Technicians


Understanding of spill response procedures, products, containers and regulatory expectations pertaining to reg. 347
Act as an emergency responder to matters consisting of hazardous materials and oil/fuel spills
Act as an emergency responder to matters consisting of bio-hazardous materials
Act as a standby-by rescue operator for confined spaces in industrial settings
Convey strong communication and personal skills
Attention to detail with job-specific procedures
Provide a professional experience to clients with safety being the utmost of importance


NFPA training and schooling is the most desirable asset in potential applicants. However, we are a multitalented team with diverse backgrounds of experience. We are seeking those with a strong motivation and willingness to put themselves in a position to help people, communities and the environment.

Desired Education:

Confined Space Entry and Rescue
Working at Heights
Class DZ Drivers License
First Aid / CPR

It is our company’s position to invest in our employees in order to maintain the highest level of customer service and safety. The ideal candidates will have the necessary training completed. Those with the above desired education will be shortlisted for interview.

Hourly Rate will be solely based on experience and qualifications.

Submit your resume to [email protected]