Medical Waste Removal

Medical /Trauma Crime Scene Waste Disposal

Problem 1

It’s a fact that Ontario Provincial Waste Regulations and Federal Transport Regulations prohibit 99% of all companies from handling/hauling and disposing of Pathological & Biomedical Waste. When you are cleaning up a crime/trauma/death scene you cannot deal with the waste. This includes mattresses, cabinets, carpets and other items.

Problem 2

After you have sanitized a crime/trauma/death scene, you’re faced with the task of waste disposal. You MUST hire a bio medical waste hauler to remove the material from the source, NOT your restoration headquarters. Fact, the MECP is clamping down and asking for accountability. How did you get rid of your waste from the site when you’re not licensed? Show us the MECP Waste Manifest are some of the statements the Ministry of Environment are demanding of late.


First Response is fully licensed to handle, haul and dispose of  your Bio Haz/Medical & Pathological Waste. On a 24 hr. basis, we can attend your site and remove your waste under the correct documents and remove it to our licensed site. A complete paper trail of this regulated 312P waste is issued to you. No delays, no worries, complete compliance. Don’t get caught hauling and disposing of your clients highly regulated waste. The cleaning of a crime scene is only a small part of the job.

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