Licenced Waste Disposal Site



An Ongoing Problem for Waste Generating Companies

Problem 1

Companies that generate waste are often tasked with paying high prices to dispose of a few drums here and there. Small quantity waste should not be penalized by high costs.

Problem 2

The EPA Regulation states companies have to offer their waste for disposal at a maximum of 90 days and as such, are often left with long delays as their present waste company struggles to fit them in with other loads.


First Response owns and operates one of the most extensive ECA permits in Ontario. We are licensed to haul and dispose of almost all waste classes including Pathological, Explosive, and Radioactive. Let our highly trained crew, equipment and certification handle your waste.

The site is open 24/7/365 and can handle any size load. Waste Profile Sheets are required prior to acceptance unless from an emergency situation.

Pails, Drums, Totes and Bulk are accepted.

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