Waste Management Services

As a generator of hazardous waste in the province of Ontario you may encounter an accidental release.

Strategically located in Southern Ontario and operating as a licensed carrier out of a State-of-the-Art licensed hazardous waste disposal facility we are able to provide the closed loop requirement from our stringent waste laws.  You can be confident that your generated waste is expertly managed and disposed of following all legal requirements.

First Response owns and operates one of the most extensive ECA permits in Ontario. We are licensed to haul and dispose of almost all waste classes including Pathological, Explosive, and Radioactive.

Let our highly trained crew, equipment and certification handle your waste needs.

Hazardous Waste

First Response is licensed to carry and receive all wastes identified in the Ontario Waste Classification Chart.  >click here<


Pathological & Biomedical Waste 312-P

First Response is fully licensed to handle, haul and dispose of  your Bio Haz/Medical & Pathological Waste on a 24 hr. basis

Drum Removal

First Response operates several dry vans that are outfitted with power tailgates or dock load

All drivers and handlers are fully trained and experienced in Waste Management and TDGA along with several other qualifications

Vacuum Truck Services

First Response owns and operates a small fleet of Mild Steel Industrial Vacuum Trucks.

These units are capable of small loads or loads up to 13,000 litres.

The units are full licensed for Dangerous Goods and or simple Hydrocarbons

All drivers are trained in Regulation 347/558, TDGA and the MECP regulation C-12

Waste Disposal Containers

Solid waste construction debris for residential and construction site bins:

  • 6 yard to 20 yard
  • Walk in Barn Doors