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EPA, Regulation 347 Waste Management
The Ontario Regulation 347 course is required for all employees who directly handle or affect hazardous material/waste transportation safety, including loading, unloading, preparing, transporting, and preparing bills of lading/waste manifests or placarding for hazardous material shipments. Your employees will learn the responsibilities of each party involved in the generating, transport and disposal of hazardous waste in Ontario.
Duration: 4 hours

Environmental Compliance Ontario
This course is designed for the business owner, Senior Manager or Health and Safety professional to learn about Environmental Compliance in Ontario. It is designed to provide participants with an understanding of legal requirements under the Environmental Protection Act and other applicable legislation.
Duration: 8 hours

Spills Response Awareness
The training program will ensure that all personnel at the site are able to safely and efficiently react in the event of a spill. This course will cover legal responsibilities and identification of hazards. Your personnel will be able to deal with immediate response to spills in a safe manner, provide initial containment to large spills. Additionally they will be able to respond to low threat spills without initiating a higher level response.
Duration: 1 day

Spills Response Operations
The course is designed with the aim of improving the skills of field operational personnel who are responsible for undertaking on-site clean up operations and to provide them with an overview of the various techniques available for recovering product spilt on land or inland waters. Understand the properties and behavior of common products which will help to provide a platform for the various techniques of recovering spilt products.
Duration: 2 days

Spills Response Technician
This trains candidates to the level of Spill Response Technician and is appropriate training for all personnel who may be involved in responding to a wide variety of Hazardous Material spills. Training provides the participant with an understanding of the legal and moral obligations to respond to Hazardous Materials spills quickly, effectively and safely to ensure employees thoroughly understand their organizational spill response and associated emergency plans. This course covers legal obligations with respects to Environmental, Health and Safety throughout all levels of government
Duration: 5 days