Can Mould Kill Me?

The short answer for most healthy people is no, black mould won’t kill you and is unlikely to make you sick.

However, black mold can make the following groups sick:

  • very young people
  • very old people
  • people with compromised immune systems
  • people with existing health conditions

But even these groups are unlikely to die from black mold exposure.

Read on to learn more about black mold and what risks actually exist.  >> Link <<

Mold Can Rot and Damage Your Home!

The presence of mould and dispersion of mould spores will reduce the indoor air quality of your home. Mold can also cause stains and unpleasant odors that if not remediated will be persistent and become far more problematic over time.  While it generally will not cause structural damage, mould tends to grow on surfaces rather than deep into substrates. In order for structural damage to occur decay fungi, mold’s not so distant cousin, needs to gain a foothold.  In many cases these are deeply hidden.

Decay fungi spores, moisture, organic material, and temperatures over 40 degrees are all it takes for the rotting process to begin.

Where are the most common areas for mould and fungi to occur?

Rot and decay can happen anywhere in the home.  Ideal conditions are in areas that hold and retain moisture

  • Crawlspace or basement
  • Floor joists, girders, and sill plates
  • Roof leak areas that allow penetration into the insulation in the walls behind the vapour barrier
  • Improperly constructed additions
  • Or anywhere that floods, leaks, moisture and condensation is common with limited air movement

It is incredibly common that structural repairs are done without fixing the root of the problem. So it’s only a matter of time before the new framing rots out, and has to be torn out and replaced all over again.

At First Response we are Certified Mould Removal Experts.  Equipped with the latest in equipment and detection technology we are capable of remediating and restoring the structural integrity of your building.

We are a full service restoration company with specialized equipment, Dry Vans and Dry Rooms.  We can recover and preserve many affected personal and precious documents and items as well. 

Precious Moment Recovered

Moisture Damaged Image – 1975

Photos, videos and precious documents are difficult to recover but not impossible.  Our industry partner has the equipment and skills to recover, restore and in many cases enhance these irreplaceable items and return them to you in modern formats preserved for eternity on modern and secure private servers.

Original image moisture damaged and stuck to glass in frame.  It required scanning the image attached to the glass.  Removing it would have completely destroyed it!

Moisture Damaged Photo - 1975

Image corrected in Black and White, removing damage, dust and noise.

A clean image that could be reprinted suitable for a new frame.

Black and White correction

Precious moment services provided by: MacLeod Media