Emergency Spill Response

When minutes compromise your company name and increase your environmental liability and exposure, trust the company that’s trusted by others. First Response Environmental Management has a dedicated spill response and hazmat spill response team that responds to, dispatches, manages, and provides safety training for hazmat spills and non-hazardous materials incidents. This includes truck diesel fuel spills, chemical spills, aircraft disasters, rail derailments and transfers, chemical plant explosions and fires, hazmat training, hazardous material handling, hazardous material management, building collapses, chemical and biological releases, and weapons of mass destruction disasters, as well as natural disasters and hazmat cleanup.

We are the Professionals!
We employ highly trained response managers to mitigate your hazardous material spill correctly and cost efficiently.  Our seasoned professionals are armed with the latest in equipment, technology and training.  We are able to respond to any situation, no matter what the emergency entails


Anywhere, Any Time!
Your emergency spill response solution from initial incident to completion. With one phone call, you can rest assure that your chemical spill, diesel spill, hazmat spill crisis whether on the road or at your facility will be handled effectively, efficiently and expediently by our Dispatch Center and network of Emergency Spill Response teams.
• One Phone call – 24 hour toll free emergency line
• Complete management of incident by a Dispatch Manager including dispatch of response team based on proximity to incident and qualifications, continuous communications and cost control.
• Cost Control process through a ‘pre-arranged spill agreement’ and Contractor Authorization Form.
• State of the art facility located at our global headquarters or our mobile command centre offering accurate and timely reporting systems and access to a customized and proprietary database of chemical and safety research, chemical properties, MSDS and diagrams within seconds.