Large Loss Specialists

Every large loss claim has its own unique set of circumstances, First Response has the expertise to handle them.

In the event of a major loss First Response has the capabilities to manage any scale large loss from start to finish. Large loss claims have always been a specialty of First Response. With our experienced Large Loss Estimators and Project Managers, we are able to manage complex residential and commercial losses, provide 24/7 response teams to secure the damaged property and provide full rebuild with access to qualified specialty subcontractors and engineers if needed.

Our large loss residential claims, commercial claims and complex claims are managed by one of our owners to work with the assigned loss adjuster and the policy holder as closely as possible to streamline the claims process, thus providing the highest level of customer service and claims experience.

Managing the successful restoration of large residential, commercial and industrial structures can be overwhelming. We have developed a proven and consistent method for providing an accurate, detailed, and well documented cost analysis of the property damage. From structural engineers to permits and planning, experience is the key to making the residence or commercial property whole again.