Catastrophe Specialists

Catastrophes are not the same as other losses and it takes the right company to deal with them!

Sometimes Mother Nature can unleash her fury at a magnitude that affects an entire city, or even the entire country. During these circumstances, you want to call a company who is equipped, prepared and experienced. First Response can and will respond to any cat loss in North America. We have a proven history of mitigating catastrophic losses throughout North America including hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires.

Property throughout a wide geographic area can be simultaneously inundated with extensive damage, resulting in the immediate demand for a vast variety of equipment. First Response has one of the largest fleets of remediation equipment in North America. It can be immediately mobilized via our on-site, mobile command centers. We own all this equipment for one specific reason, during a catastrophic situation, First Response can simultaneously service several million square feet within many types of buildings without putting priority on one customer over another.

First Response also has in our fleet, mobile command units, which are fully equipped and self-contained from security surveillance and satellites which allow full communication from remote locations.

Based on the location of the CAT loss, First Response has the ability to pull a large network of support staff from our Canadian and US operations, as we have cross border coverage.

First Response, is ready with the equipment, manpower and knowledge to assist you in your recovery!